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This mission around which the organisation is centred is relevant to your community, your clients, your colleagues, your family and friends, by the very fact that a member of the DSG community could be a client, a colleague a friend or a member of your family.

Our Objectives

  • Suicide prevention support for at-risk youth;

  • The professional employment of a psychologist to assist with research, counseling services development and development of materials to be utilized in school visits, seminars and future development of web based materials;

  • Education campaigns and materials - presentations to schools and other educational facilities with regard to bullying of any nature regardless of the type of bullying or the orientation of the person being bullied;

  • Community education for at risk youth – the development of brochures and other related materials for the general community to assist in identifying at risk youth to ensure they receive the assistance they require before it is too late;

  • Community education for aggressive behaviors – the development of documentation to highlight the issue of bullying behaviors amongst the youth;

  • Specifically trained councilors - the goal is at least one per state initially, with a progressive move to more counselors across the country, especially in regional and country areas as funding permits to provide one on one counseling support, web-based “chat room” style support, telephone support available 24 hours per day and group counseling workshop sessions;

  • GP’s and health services – promote the activities of It Gets Better Australia to GP’s and other mental health services in the community;

  • Awareness events;

  • The development of partnerships in the health area, specific to youth and mental health issues;

  • Engaging and supporting Australia’s largest crisis help line, Lifeline and;

  • Ongoing media campaigns to raise awareness of bullying of DSG youth as well as any other youth considered at risk.

The funds raised by the organisation are essential for the support of the DSG community, to generate awareness and support for youth in need of guidance and answers, to improve their treatment, quality of life and long-term outlook.

“Our vision is one of courage, spirit and the real hope that it really does get better.”